6 x 8 inch single use plastic, repurposed thread spool, salvaged thread, embroidery floss, zig zagged finish
2024 SAQA Spotlight Auction

12 x 14 Stitched single-use plastic, stitched cotton, couched yarn & embroidery floss, mounted on panel board

13 x 13 Stitched single-use plastic, stitched cotton, 3-D flowers/leaves, needle felted, mounted on panel board

14 x 14 inch Digital computerized Quilting, fabric painted cotton fabric, couched yarn, beaded, stitched, needle felted and mounted on a hand-painted artist canvas.

Coming from a world of sewing machines and fabric, I learned to tell my stories through drawing and sculpting with thread. I’m all about using unexpected materials and incorporating intricate detail into my pieces, all while raising awareness for important issues such as landfill waste and the beauty of recycled materials. My 12 foot longarm is my trusty sidekick as I bring my ideas to life, creating pieces that aim to touch not only the eye, but also the heart. Join me on this journey of combining art and sustainability, one stitch at a time.

I found I could say things with colour and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way – things I had no words for.

~ Georgia O’Keeffe

Vintage Re-Imagined

My friend Mary Kerr, has been challenging me for years. Encouraging me to go places…

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Earlier this year, a quilt that I entered into my local quilt show was judged,…

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Fun with Plastic

I love trying to quilt unusual materials. A lot of quilter’s like to use cotton…

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Hello world!

Hello! Welcome to my place! I’m re-starting this whole blog thing with an introduction. This…

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